Dawnbreaker’s work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is multifaceted. For Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awardees, Dawnbreaker provides commercialization assistance services. In addition, for the DHS Small Business Innovation Research Program Office, Dawnbreaker provides data collection and analysis support, prepares success stories, hosts webinars, and provides various forms of support for events hosted by the DHS SBIR Program Office.


The objective of the DHS Phase I Commercialization Assistance Program is to help companies continue the maturation of their technology and commercialization strategy. The goal of the program is to help Phase I participants raise their awareness and increase their realism regarding the government and private sector markets for their product. As part of this program information is provided to address gaps surfaced in early discussions with the company. Assistance is also provided in developing a roadmap which enhances the strategy for making the technology/product known in the target markets.


The Department of Homeland Security invites eligible Phase I SBIR awardees to apply for the small business mentoring assistance provided by Dawnbreaker as part of the commercialization assistance program. An invitation to participate is sent to the awardees from DHS and companies must submit a one-page response clarifying why they should be chosen to participate in the mentoring program.