The Department of Transportation’s Commercialization Assistance program (CAP) is offered annually to all Phase I and Phase II awardees. The Department of Transportation (DOT) makes Phase I awards twice a year. Typically within a month of receiving a Phase I award, you will receive notification from the Department of Transportation regarding your eligibility to participate in the Commercialization Assistance Program. This is followed quickly by correspondence directly from Dawnbreaker explaining how to initiate your involvement with the program. Individual Kick-Off Conference calls are then held which include the Operating Administration’s Contracting Officer Representative (OA COR).


The objective of the Phase I program is to assist small business participants in successfully bringing their technologies to market. A three step process is implemented during Phase I. After the initial conference call which includes DOT, the small business, and Dawnbreaker personnel , a collaborative assessment is conducted to determine the gaps in a company’s strategy for bringing the DOT funded technology to market. Once the gaps have been identified, customized market research is then conducted by Dawnbreaker and provided to the company and DOT. A key element of the resulting report is a roadmap with actionable items.”


Starting with the 15.1 release, all DOT Phase I awardees are eligible to participate in the DOT Commercialization Assistance Program. The DOT Phase II program will begin later in 2016.

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