Founded by Dr. Jenny Servo in 1990, Dawnbreaker is recognized for the commercialization assistance support it has provided to small businesses that received Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards from federal agencies. As the SBIR/STTR programs have evolved so has Dawnbreaker. Since our earliest work with the Department of Energy in 1990, Dawnbreaker has grown to be a company equally at home working in the Defense and civilian markets. We employ personnel with impressive military backgrounds, as well as strong industrial experience and provide a wide range of services both to Federal Agencies and to small businesses.


There is a clear value for agencies, states, small and large businesses to work with a service company with a rich history of success and depth. In the case of Dawnbreaker, our depth is in understanding the intent, method, and objectives of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. From previous work within both large corporations and small businesses, our staff understands the perspective and financial imperatives of both small firms and their investors. Dawnbreaker is uniquely positioned to assist companies to plan and succeed in transitioning to Phase III – the commercialization phase. Since 1990, Dawnbreaker has worked with over 7,500 SBIR/STTR funded projects – more than any other service provider. Metrics that we have collected during this period demonstrate that our service in combination with the dedication and talent of the companies that we serve has resulted in over $2.5B in Phase III funding.

As the Small Business Innovation Research community has evolved - additional services have been required to meet the dynamic needs of the Federal government. In response to these changes, Dawnbreaker has expanded its staff adding employees who previously served our country through the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy. As a result, for the past decade we have also provided acquisition support to both small businesses and the Department of Defense. We have developed unique tools that enable agencies to demonstrate the impact of programs such as the Commercialization Readiness Program.

Through our work with visionary agencies Dawnbreaker continues to leverage our core competencies in unique ways. Our market research department provides technology foraging services to agencies that wish to accelerate development by working with innovative companies that have already reduced technology risk. Our marketing communications department is frequently called upon to create award-winning websites and effective marketing campaigns; while our software department creates unique tools such as the Virtual Acquisition Showcase®.

Today Dawnbreaker is leveraging Dr. Servo’s expertise in instructional design and developing content for Learning Management Systems (LMS). Working with the Department of Energy we are developing instructional materials that are web-based and which facilitate learning, granting greater flexibility to both the instructor and the learner. Dawnbreaker is excited about our future, as well as our past and look forward to continuing to advance national innovation initiatives of federal agencies and small advanced, technology firms.