Having a problem with SPAM?

There are a few basic steps you can take to reducing the amount of spam that you get.

  • Be wary of the things you sign up for using your Dawnbreaker email address. A lot of companies take the email addresses that they receive and sell them to advertising companies. If you don't need to use your company email address to sign up for something, use a different address
  • Be careful of where you post your email address. There are services that crawl the Internet for email addresses, and chances are that they'll find your address if its listed on a forum or a website.
  • Most email programs have built in spam filtering. Some of those programs have a way to train the program for what you think is spam. As you receive spam, tell the program that it is spam, and it will adjust itself for future messages.
  • If you plan on receiving email from only a few people or companies, consider adding them to a "whitelist" (a list of emails and domains that the email program considers "safe") and setting the anti-spam settings on the highest level.
  • Check your spam folder every once in a while to see if you missed a legitimate email. Chances are, if your anti-spam counter measures are a bit over-zealous, you might have missed a few.
  • Within the near future, we will be using a new email server that would ideally cut the amount of spam you receive by up to 80%.