Dawnbreaker provides the NAVAIR SBIR Program office with a full range of on-site program management support which includes:

  • Program implementation and documentation
  • Phase III contract development and administration support
  • Clerical and administrative support
  • Database data entry and maintenance support
  • Database and web-based applications development and support


Comprehensive upfront planning, early risk identification and risk mitigation significantly improve technology transition success. Dawnbreaker's implementation of NAVAIR's CPP centers on a comprehensive risk identification and mitigation strategy. Within this construct, when a SBIR topic is identified by the Program Office (PMA) and endorsed by the respective PEO as a technology with "high potential" for rapid transition, the Dawnbreaker Support CPP Team conducts a rigorous "due diligence" of the proposed transition utilizing a Transition Risk Assessment (TRA) process.

The TRA process involves a review and assessment of the SBIR Company's capability and capacity to complete the intended transition and delivery of the product, technology or service to the Program of Record. In addition to reviewing the company, a business case assessment is conducted (i.e. program funding, contracting, and other programmatic issues), technology maturity is confirmed and areas requiring risk mitigation strategies are identified. The output of the process is the identification and quantification of the transition risks and other information necessary for the NAVAIR SBIR Program Manager and the Acquisition Program Office to build a comprehensive Program Plan and Technology Transition Agreement (TTA) to plan and document the execution of the transition.

Dawnbreaker's Transition Risk Assessment (TRA) Toolkit™ consists of:

  • Stoplight Technology Assessment Tool
  • Transition Risk Management Audit
  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Calculator
  • Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Calculator
  • Business Readiness Level (BRL) Calculator
  • Technology Transition Agreement Templates

For more information Dawnbreaker's Program Management Services or any of our transition toolkits contact Al Clark or Bob Larsen.