Vice Adm. Jan Tighe, DCNO for Information Dominance (N2/N6)


The DCNO for Information Dominance serves as the National Intelligence Program resource sponsor and the Military Intelligence Program component manager for Navy intelligence capabilities. [1] N2/N6 is the Navy’s primary office for resourcing such capabilities as intelligence, cyber warfare, command and control, electronic warfare, battle management, oceanography and meteorology amongst others. Its mission is to provide end-to-end accountability for Navy information requirements, investments, capabilities and forces. The DCNO is also tasked with directing the efforts of military and civilian professionals that make up the Information Dominance Corps and supply warfare commanders with Assured Command and Control, Battlespace Awareness, and Integrated Fires. [2]


N2/N6 Organizational Chart (2016)*

Source: U.S. Navy, June 2016 [3]


*This organizational chart depicts the command structure of N2/N6. Command changes have most likely occurred since the chart’s publication and those listed may have been replaced.


Updated: April 2018, Rachel Werth

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