As part of our commitment to the SBIR community, Dawnbreaker creates tools that we hope will be useful to others. These resources include industry portals, publications and databases. For those working with the Department of the Navy, the Phase III Portal provides useful definitions, organizational charts, reports, and answers to questions regarding SBIR data right. The State Resources page is designed for those just getting started with the SBIR/STTR programs and provides insight into where you can turn locally for assistance. For prime contractors and Defense personnel – the Virtual Acquisition Showcase® (VAS) provides access to emerging technology solutions. Most of these tools are freely available and we make every effort to update them annually.

Resources for you

The Portals are web-based and provide useful information regarding energy, defense, medicine, and space. Each portal has a current news feed and contains information that our market research team has compiled and made available in an easily accessible format.

Dawnbreaker publishes Profiles in Success twice a year and also produces the Phase III Magazine aperiodically. If you are interested in being added to our mailing list for these free publications, please follow this link and complete the request form. We also provide fee based publications - a text entitled Business Planning for Scientists and Engineers (4th edition) and a series of Critical Tech Reports all related to energy.

The State Resources page enables small businesses to locate organizations anywhere in the US that provide assistance to small businesses developing advanced technologies with a particular emphasis on Phase III. To make contact easy, the information is hyperlinked to the original state resource.

The Virtual Acquisition Showcase® (VAS) is a database containing quad charts, capability brochures, and abstracts of companies that received Phase II SBIR/STTR awards from the Navy and participated in the Navy Transition Assistance Program. This database is repopulated annually in February as part of the promotion process for the Navy Opportunity Forum® and is accessible for the following year.

Many of the webinars that Dawnbreaker conducts are elements of the programs that we conduct for various agencies. However, some of the webinars were created with the intent to be made available to the public in general and can be accessed from the webinar page.