Technology Foraging refers to the process of providing a thorough look at technologies of interest to our customers by means of market research. Dawnbreaker's technical expertise combined with our reach into emerging markets, whether SBIR-funded or not, allow us to provide a big picture analysis for Federal Agency clients. If you want to build upon innovative technologies that are at a higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL), rather than starting with concept development, technology foraging may offer the solution that you seek.

Technology Foraging

Combining the skills of our market research team and our engineering staff, Dawnbreaker can look globally within organizations of any type and size to find potential solutions that meet your needs. Using a combination of secondary and primary market research, coupled with a variety of analytical methods we can synthesize the information that you need in a readily digestible form to be shared within your organization.


For federal agencies and prime contractors with an urgent need to locate technologies quickly, we can help. Whether you need a global search to locate cost-effective alternatives for use in sub-assemblies on sophisticated military platforms or simply need light weight, energy efficient components for less complex applications, our engineers and market researchers can provide you with the information needed. We will work with your organization to scope the information required and define the format in which information must be delivered in order to be useful. Our team utilizes a combination of primary and secondary market research methods and tools to collect, analyze, and distill information so that it can be delivered to you in a useable format. We can then facilitate meetings, virtually and in person with entities of potential interest and thereby decrease your planning burden. We stand ready to help you.

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