The Virtual Acquisition Showcase® is a database containing a searchable electronic portfolio of business technology solutions emerging from government-funded research. The database contains a number of records - typically including quad charts, capability brochures, narrative briefings, and other documents as appropriate. Each year Dawnbreaker prepares a Virtual Acquisitions Showcase® (VAS) associated with the Navy Transition Assistance Program. Documents remain on this site for a year.

Virtual Acquisition Showcase®

The Virtual Acquisition Showcase® (VAS) contains a number of features which make it easy for individuals searching on behalf of a department, a division, or a SYSCOM. The “My briefcase” function enables the user to create one or more folders containing technologies of interest. These briefcases can then be e-mailed to others by the individual creating the briefcase. To use this feature all you have to do is set up a private account and then start searching. You can search in many ways: (1) you can search by the categories create, (2) search by SYSCOM or TRL, or (3) conduct a key word search. When using the last feature, the documents containing the key word are highlighted in yellow – making it very easy to determine relevance.

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