To be a respected coach, not only must you have experience but the ability to motivate others to tackle the issues that may stand in their way of growth. All of our business mentors have “walked the walk” and gain joy by helping others. As part of the interview process they have demonstrated their ability to quickly analyze issues and provide written feedback which adds value, clarifies strengths, provides clarification, and motivates the other to do better.

Business Mentoring Overview

Dawnbreaker counsels advanced technology firms and has tied the success of our services directly to the near-term financial outcomes experienced by our clients. Our business mentoring services are provided primarily to companies working in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) arenas. Therefore our success is related to progress through the various stages of these programs. If we provide assistance to a client during Phase 0, the goal is to increase the likelihood the company receives a Phase I award. If we assist a Phase I awardee, the goal is to increase the likelihood that their commercialization plan is strong and supports them receiving a Phase II award. If the company already has a Phase II SBIR/STTR grant or contract, then our goal is to help the firm secure private sector funding and/or Phase III government funding to continue the development of their technology.

The companies that we assist are led by brilliant scientists and engineers engaged in developing innovative concepts in response to Agency solicitations. What these firms often lack is product development and commercialization experience. This is where we come in. Whether you are developing a novel pre-cooling method for freshly harvested fruit; a method to detect the possibility of corrosion in the justaposition of exotic alloys in an aerospace application; or a microscope for 3D cell cultures there are fundamental issues that must always be addressed: End user and customer need, market opportunity, supply chain, competitive environment, how to protect your intellectual property, regulations, and many other factors associated with funding and organizing for growth – if an opportunity exists.

At Dawnbreaker we employ a core team of business mentors with practical experience in addressing business issues. Our mentors have both a technical area of expertise as well as strong, practical experience in bringing products to market. By using a core team of skilled mentors we provide consistent quality that makes a difference. Dawnbreaker business acceleration managers are skilled in providing written and verbal feedback to clients, motivating them to tackle difficult problems, and in providing unique assistance to complex problems. Our business acceleration managers are always supported by Dawnbreaker’s market research team which provides a breadth of information that is unparalleled.