Our marketing communications team is comprised of outside-the-box thinkers, graphic and web designers, and creative writers who complement our technical experts. We know exactly how to turn your highly technical spec sheets into a clear and effective message to potential customers. Through specialized services such as capability brochure creation, logo and website design, copywriting, trade show booth construction, and the development of marketing tools, our award-winning team will help you define your brand and communicate your message to the world.

Marketing Communications Overview

Dawnbreaker’s marketing communication services are provided by a dynamic team referred to as Dawnbreaker Design. Comprised of graphic designers, web designers, writers, and software specialists this team can help you sharpen the content and delivery of your business message. What differentiates Dawnbreaker Design from others is our ease in working with advanced technologies and our design for impact. During the design phase, we carefully consider your intended audience, as well as how to measure if the marketing communication tool has the desired effect. Whether you are looking for a new identity package, a tradeshow booth, press releases, or web design – Dawnbreaker Design can provided needed assistance. Please explore examples of our award winning products on the Dawnbreaker Design website.


As information about your organization is first conveyed to the public via the web – it is important that your public image keeps pace with changes taking place within your organization. Your image is comprised of many elements – text which describes what your organization does, your logo - which embodies the essence of your mission, and imagery to maintain interest and reinforce your message. As organizations are in a constant state of flux it is important to decide which aspects of your public image must be kept current. Given the proliferation of mobile devices, add responsive design and you will facilitate viewing of your site on cell phones and notebooks; add carefully chosen key words and file names and you will facilitate search engine optimization (SEO). We are aware of the many issues that prevent an agency or a corporation from updating their website and work closely with the organization to assure that this can be accomplished efficiently.

Even though a website is often the first introduction to your organization, this needs to be complemented with other materials used in correspondence, personal meetings, publications, and events such as conferences and tradeshows. Whether you are a new company looking to have your first identity package created, or a Federal agency looking for the design of a lighter weight tradeshow booth, or a limited run of a stunning, printed publication – we can assist you.

Programs that Utilize Competency

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