Since 2011 Dawnbreaker has provided technology foraging services directly to the Department of Homeland Security. This service leverages the combined capabilities of Dawnbreaker’s team of engineers and market researchers.


If an agency needs access to innovative technology quickly to address pressing needs, technology foraging can provide the needed solutions. The objective of this method is to quickly provide an agency with the information needed so that it can leverage work already underway by researchers, institutions, and companies anywhere in the world. This approach allows for faster development. Needed solutions don’t always have to start at the concept stage. Reports are provided in various formats in order to facilitate decision making.


Dawnbreaker is recognized as a trusted partner with insight into cutting edge technologies. Our team of over 17 skilled market researchers with access to numerous subscription databases, combined with the skills of our technical team enables Dawnbreaker to quickly develop compelling reports in a format that is appropriate for the decisions the agency client is looking to make.