Transitioning technology from the Small Business Research Innovation (SBIR) Program requires expert acquisition support to navigate the various rules concerning SBIR technologies and to mitigate transition risks. Dawnbreaker has decades of experience in the DoD acquisition process of SBIR technologies and brings the technical and programmatic experience, capabilities, and tools needed to do the job. We provide experienced, flexible, dedicated personnel, working with the customer, to ensure program success. Our professional services include technology assessment, risk management, financial management support, schedule management, decision support, program management support, contract documentation preparation, test support and analysis, Public Affairs Office (PAO) support, conference planning and management, and deployment/installation planning, preparation, and support.

DoD Acquisition Support

Dawnbreaker's expert acquisition support is centered around our technology expertise and our extensive reach to the program offices. Working with the program office staffs, Dawnbreaker consultants provide the extra expertise to ensure your program satisfies all milestone requirements and follows a logical progression through the successful transition of technology into a system's life cycle progression. Our expertise in the SBIR arena and our history of commercializing technologies allows us to provide dedicated support and personnel throughout the DoD acquisition process.

Dawnbreaker has over two decades of experiences in the DoD acquisition process of SBIR and STTR technologies. Our competitive advantage lies in our technical and programmatic experience and capabilities that span a dedicated staff of military technology experts.

Programs that Utilize Competency



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