The Department of Energy’s Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) is offered annually to all Phase I and Phase II awardees. DOE typically makes Phase I awards twice a year. As there are numerous Phase 1 releases during each year, the DOE Phase 1 CAP is offered at various times in support of each Release. Within a month of starting your Phase 1 award, you will receive a notice from the Department of Energy regarding your eligibility to participate in the Commercialization Assistance Program. This is, followed quickly by correspondence directly from Dawnbreaker announcing how to register for the program. A similar process is followed with Phase II grantees.

phase I program manager

Carol Rabke, Ph.D
(585) 425-3212
phase II program manager

Jon Sienkowski
(585) 617-9459

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The DOE Phase I Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) lays a solid foundation for successful commercialization of DOE-funded technology. This interactive program is designed to help participating firms address key business issues while developing a solid business case. The Phase I CAP culminates in the preparation of a high quality 15-page Commercialization Plan to submit with a DOE Phase II proposal.

This unique program allows Dawnbreaker to continue working with successful Phase II grantees - building upon work accomplished during Phase I. In Phase II companies are provided with an extensive menu of services from which they can choose. The over 20 menu options are clustered in three major areas: business planning, market research, and marketing communications. In providing these services, every effort is made to provide continuity with respect to the business acceleration manager [BAM] and market researchers [MR] who supported you during Phase I.


The Phase I and Phase II CAP services are made available to all current grantees.


Dawnbreaker collects process data for all of our programs and collects outcome data on Phase II initiatives only. Outcome data are collected as part of our internal quality control procedures for a period of 18 months after the conclusion of a program.


Web Design services are now offered
as a Phase II service!

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