Evaluation services enable an organization to demonstrate success by validating programmatic impact through credible data collection and analysis. The Dawnbreaker Evaluation – Outreach Department has extensive experience systematically applying phone survey techniques, which support quality control processes and identify opportunities for program refinement and improvement.

Evaluation Services Overview

Evaluating the impact of services rendered helps assure that resources are well spent and have the desired outcome. Using a variety of methods and tools Dawnbreaker independently assists Agencies gather and analyze data. The Dawnbreaker evaluation team is skilled in all aspects of evaluation research: (1) We understand a program’s objectives, (2) Determine what questions to ask to secure the needed information, (3) Apply a method that will result in high response rate, and assure no bias, (4) Analyze the data, and (5) Prepare reports.


As budgets shrink and the need for demonstrable results increase, it is important to show that programs you have funded are making a difference. Dawnbreaker can help you determine which variables can serve as good indicators of progress. Collecting process evaluation data during the implementation of a program enables you to determine if there are issues that you must correct on a real-time basis. Once a program is complete, outcome evaluation data enable program managers to reliably demonstrate that their programs have had the desired impact. Without such information to justify the investment made, valuable resources may be wasted and programs run the risk of being cancelled.

Programs that Utilize Competency

Navy Phase II


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