As a company transitions from research and development (R&D) to manufacturing, it should expect to experience challenges with scale up from R&D to low rate and later, full rate production. The assessments that Dawnbreaker conducts can be provided directly to a small business that is actively preparing for this challenge or to a federal agency that is offering a production contract to a small business and wants to do so with “eyes wide open”.

Manufacturing Assessment Overview

For projects/technologies involving manufacturing challenges, Dawnbreaker offers a unique and distinct product to its valued customers by providing an independent manufacturing assessment for firms that are scaling up from low-rate production. The assessment consists of an on-site evaluation of all aspects of production including engineering design; inventory, process, and quality control; suppliers, facilities, and packaging. We assist with understanding your contractual obligations to potential customers and areas of potential risk and suggest mitigation techniques.


Many government agencies and prime contractors are making earnest efforts to utilize component-level innovations developed by small, advanced technology firms in submarines, ships, and aircraft developed for the Department of Defense. Risk mitigation is always of concern and when engaging small business it is important to determine if the firm can deliver on time and on budget. This information is vital as the lead system integrator needs to preserve the overall delivery schedule of the system. To help agencies evaluate the risk and implement risk mitigation plans, Dawnbreaker conducts comprehensive manufacturing assessments based on site visits to small business suppliers. Reports are prepared which evaluate risk and suggest corrective action, as appropriate. As part of a full disclosure process the evaluation is first shared with the small business and then with the agency.

Dawnbreaker also conducts manufacturing assessments strictly for small businesses that are looking to develop low rate and/or full rate production capability. When work is performed strictly at the request of a small business the results are proprietary to the small business.

Programs that Utilize Competency

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