One of the most important aspects of bringing a product to market is an understanding of the market itself. Whether the goal is to define demand, affirm the end user’s need, assess the competition, or locate avenues of additional funding, market research is necessary to accurately gauge the challenges and opportunities that exist.

Market Research Overview

Good information about a market opportunity can save you revenue and countless hours that would be forever lost by pursuing weak, rather than rich opportunities. It’s hard to come back from investing too much money on a hunch – if your intuition has been wrong. Market research helps you to avoid making painful mistakes. Dawnbreaker’s market research team has the requisite skills and experience to make a difference to your organization’s growth. With over a dozen market researchers on staff - all with advanced degrees, all with experience researching advanced technologies, and all with access to numerous subscription databases – this team adds value. The information gathered using primary and secondary sources is current, clearly referenced, and focused on specific business objectives.


There are countless decisions that you make every day that could benefit from market research: Which company would make the best licensee? How much money do I need to invest in marketing my product to effectively compete with established players? What do my potential customers really think about this technology? How large is the opportunity for this product or component? Where are the potential sources of funding for the next round of investment? What are the barriers to entry? In providing answers to these and other questions – we use a team approach which combines the ability of our market research team with our business coaches/ engineers. The result is that we effectively address your business objectives.