Rear Adm. John W. Tammen, Jr., Director, Undersea Warfare (N97)


OPNAV N97, Director, Undersea Warfare, is responsible for the planning, programming and budgeting for acquisition, operational readiness and modernization of undersea forces. [1]  N97 develops future force capabilities by defining the future role of undersea forces in operations and warfighting; determining platform, systems, payload, people and posture requirements; and translating requirements into decisions, policy and funding.[2]


Current Undersea Warfare (USW) Science & Technology (S&T) focus areas include: (1) Assure access to maritime battlespace; (2) Autonomy and unmanned systems; (3) Undersea maneuver warfare; (4) Expeditionary and irregular warfare; (5) Information dominance and cyber; (6) Platform design and survivability; (7) Power and energy; (8) Strike and integrated defense; (9) Warfighter performance; and, (10) Undersea precision navigation and timing. [3]


Updated: April 2018, Rachel Werth

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