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Dawnbreaker Unveils All-New Industry Portals Online

ROCHESTER, NY (June 7, 2019) – Following its recent website release, Dawnbreaker has just unveiled three refreshed industry portals, aimed at assisting aspiring small businesses within the SBIR/STTR programs. The Defense, Medical and Space portals are each available at and provide a wealth of resources for high tech small businesses seeking answers to commonly asked questions within these sectors.

While the Defense portal is specifically geared toward Department of Navy SBIR-funded companies seeking Phase III transition, the Medical portal is provided as a service to those developing and improving drugs, biologics and medical devices. Meanwhile, the Space portal provides information on changes in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) organization, the NASA budget, funding, commercial space, featured missions and past programs.

“We have leveraged the talents of our market research and business acceleration teams here at Dawnbreaker to create this expansive library of frequently asked questions, regulatory requirements, information on funding opportunities and much more,” says Dr. Jenny C. Servo, President and Founder of Dawnbreaker, Inc. “We will soon be launching our Energy portal as well, so companies seeking to partner with the Department of Energy can also utilize the resources.”

As always, the industry portals are free to use for interested parties. To view the portals, please visit

About Dawnbreaker Market Research
For over 25 years, Dawnbreaker has provided market research to advanced technology firms funded by the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs of the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, the National Institutes of Health, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Department of Transportation. Visit to learn how this same expertise can be applied to your small business.


ROCHESTER, NY (April 23, 2019) – Chloe Capital has been on a national mission to discover the best and brightest female entrepreneurs and their innovations. The seed-stage venture capital firm has been holding women-only pitch events in five cities across the United States as part of their Chloe Capital National Tour. Companies are selected based on their online submission and are then chosen to pitch their ventures live. The winner receives an investment from Chloe Capital and the opportunity to pitch to their funding partner, Astia Angels, for a follow-on investment.

Ms. Theresa Pipher of Dawnbreaker has been active on Chloe Capital’s Due Diligence Committee throughout the tour and has provided Competitive Intelligence (CI) and material review assistance for the applicants.

“Dawnbreaker is dedicated to assisting women and minority-owned firms prepare SBIR/STTR applications for federally funded advanced S&T awards,” says Dawnbreaker Founder & President Dr. Jenny C. Servo. “Assisting Chloe Capital in a nationwide search for the very best in female entrepreneurship was a very natural fit.”

The previous leg of the tour, held in Chicago, resulted in a $100,000 investment from Chloe Capital to Journey Foods. Riana Lynn, Founder and CEO of the start-up, is using AI-based foodtech to help solve the world’s $600B nutrition dilemma. The National Tour wraps up in May, with a stop in Binghamton, NY on May 1. More dates and cities are expected to be announced this year.

About Chloe Capital
Despite recent progress, less than 5% of all venture capital in the U.S. goes to women-led tech companies. Yet studies show that companies with women at the helm grow faster and produce greater returns for investors. Chloe Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in women. We’re catalyzing solutions to the gender and diversity gap in entrepreneurship by offering investors the opportunity to Do Well by Doing Good. We recruit women-led technology and tech-enabled companies and use our national network to drive business after our investments.

About Dawnbreaker
Dawnbreaker a leading provider of commercialization services that support the Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) communities. Since 1990, Dawnbreaker has provided commercialization assistance to over 8,500 Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR awardees. Cumulatively these firms have received more than $2.5B in Phase III funding.


ROCHESTER, NY (March 20, 2019) – Dawnbreaker, Inc. has launched a Spanish speaking podcast series to help small, Hispanic-owned advanced technology firms take advantage of available federal funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. In response to a survey conducted in 2011 that found SBIR participation from Hispanic-owned firms was dwindling, Dawnbreaker wanted to provide a resource that re-engages the Latino population.

“The SBIR and STTR programs are all about inclusiveness, and that’s what we’re hoping to achieve,” explains Dr. Jenny C. Servo, President of Dawnbreaker. “As many of these small business owners speak and read in Spanish, this podcast aims to help them navigate the complexities of acquiring federal funding for their innovations.”

The first two podcasts, which can be found at, provides an introduction to the SBIR/STTR programs and reviews eligibility requirements. Dawnbreaker will release a new podcast every month, and the series will take the listener through the various stages of applying for SBIR/STTR funding.

Dawnbreaker continues to work with hundreds of small businesses through the SBIR and STTR programs. Many members of the Dawnbreaker team have lived and worked in Spanish speaking countries.

About Dawnbreaker:
Dawnbreaker a leading provider of commercialization services that support the Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) communities. Since 1990, Dawnbreaker has provided commercialization assistance to over 8,500 Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR awardees. Cumulatively these firms have received more than $2.5B in Phase III funding.

John K. Servo


ROCHESTER, NY (February 21, 2019) – Dawnbreaker, Inc. has been awarded a sole source contract from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue delivering commercialization services to its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I grantees. Since 2001, Dawnbreaker has administered its Commercialization Planning Program (CP2) to NSF funded SBIR/STTR Phase I grantees supporting over 2,500 projects to date. Recognizing that only a portion of the Phase I grantees will be awarded a Phase II grant, NSF introduced the program to increase the probability of successful commercialization of the NSF funded technology irrespective of whether a Phase II award is made and to provide a more level playing field to all entrepreneurs submitting Phase II proposals.

“Until now we have been jointly providing commercialization services with other vendors; with this new contract Dawnbreaker will be solely administering the CP2 to all SBIR/STTR Phase I grantees funded by NSF, and we are excited to embark on this new journey,” says Dr. Carol Rabke, Program Manager at Dawnbreaker.

The intensive, 6-month CP2 includes a mix of activities aimed at helping Phase I grantees develop the 15 page business case for the NSF funded technology that must accompany their Phase II submission to NSF. In addition to feedback on their commercialization plan, grantees are provided market research support, webinars on key business issues and access to resources through a secure eLearning portal. In administering the program, Dawnbreaker draws upon its talented team of Business Acceleration Managers and Market Researchers, who cumulatively have decades of experience in helping small businesses define their path to commercialization.

In addition to the new NSF agreement, Dawnbreaker has recently secured contracts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Labor (DOL). The company continues to work with hundreds of small businesses through SBIR and STTR programs providing services every step along the way from Phase 0 through Phase III.


ROCHESTER, NY (January 18, 2019) – Dawnbreaker, Inc. is set to host several webinar series over the next few months and they all share the common theme of helping small high-tech businesses to transition technology. The Prime Contractor Series, Commercialization Series, and the Agency Series will give small businesses the tools they need to develop key contacts, find appropriate markets, and partner with large corporations.

“With our panel of experts and guests hosts we’ve lined up from both government and industry, we want to provide a valuable resource for those who may have gone through the federal SBIR/STTR programs but aren’t sure what to do next,” explains Dr. Jenny C. Servo, President of Dawnbreaker. “From how to talk to potential customers to how to partner with the largest defense prime contractor in the world, we aim to cover all the relevant topics.”

To view the dates and times of the series, please visit Registration is completely free; however, space is limited. The first webinar being offered is within the Prime Contractor Series and is titled “How to do Business with BAE Systems.”

Future webinar topics include commercialization strategies, why market research is important, product cost analysis, the 411 on OTAs, and more.

Dawnbreaker has recently secured contracts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Labor (DOL), and is part of the winning SC&A team providing services through the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)’s Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Support Services (TEPS) II Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The company continues to work with hundreds of small businesses through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.


ROCHESTER, NY (January 9, 2019) – In an effort to help state service providers prepare to assist small businesses applying for funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, Dr. Jenny Servo, a contractor through the Small Business Administration has just started her fifth Train the Trainer course. The series, titled “Helping Potential SBIR/STTR Applicants” is already full, but will be offered again in March.

The next course, which begins March 4th, is now open for registration. This 10-lesson, 8-week course will help service providers feel more confident in the guidance they provide to high tech small businesses. Participants can expect to spend 2.5-3 hours per week on the studies and once completed, will receive a certificate from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Visit to learn more and be one of the early applicants for this series.

“Train the Trainer is free to applicants, and funded entirely by SBA,” explains Dr. Jenny C. Servo, President of Dawnbreaker. “We find it helps to better equip small business development centers, PTACs, and other service providers who want to learn more about the SBIR/STTR program. Train the Trainer is meant to be complementary to services already provided.”

Individual lessons broach a variety of topics including contracts vs. grants, indirect rates, finding the right SBIR/STTR topic, proposal preparation best practices, and whether the programs are the right fit for a particular company.

To learn more, visit


The Department of Energy (DOE) is proud to re-launch its Phase 0 SBIR/STTR assistance program for the FY19 Phase I Release 2 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). The overall goal of the DOE Phase 0 Assistance Program is to increase the number of responsive, high quality proposals submitted to the DOE from all first-time DOE SBIR/STTR applicants.
“We are excited to once again kick off the DOE Phase 0 Program and help these small businesses maximize their chances of securing federal funding through the SBIR and STTR programs,” says Christopher O’Gwin, Outreach Program Manager of the DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office. “By opening the program to all eligible first-time small business applicants, we are pleased to be able to offer these services to a larger number of people and technologies.”

The Phase 0 program is administered by Dawnbreaker. Business Coaches will work one on one with companies who have a technology related to a DOE need and help them to prepare a compelling SBIR/STTR proposal.

Participant services are tailored based on need and include:

  • Letter of Intent writing assistance,
  • Phase I Proposal Preparation, Review and Registration,
  • Market Research Assistance, and
  • Small Business Development Training, and Mentoring, among others.

DOE’s Phase 0 services are free to participants and designed to be complementary to state assistance and may be used in tandem with services provided by professional organizations, SBDCs, universities, incubators, and other state organizations.

Please visit to review the full list of eligibility requirements and to apply for Phase 0 services. The official Funding Opportunity Announcement will be released on Monday, November 26th, however you may view the full list of topics at:


Dawnbreaker, Inc. has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract to support the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Chief Evaluation Office, which is responsible for carrying out research and evaluation activities for all of the DOL’s agencies including the Employment and Training Administration (ETA); Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), the Women’s Bureau (WB) and many others. This is a five-year contract which draws upon the extensive expertise of Dawnbreaker’s highly skilled Market Research team, principal investigators and analysts. “Dawnbreaker is excited to support the Department of Labor in this important initiative,” says Dr. Jenny C. Servo, President of Dawnbreaker. “DOL’s use of evidence-based policymaking holds the promise of improving the effectiveness of government by using data to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t work. We’re proud to be a part of that.” Under the contract, Dawnbreaker will develop and provide deliverables related to evidence-based policymaking, which will give meaningful insight to policymakers at the federal, state and local levels regarding program effectiveness. Activities include policy and program assessments and analysis, evaluation design studies, data collection and analysis, and technical assistance, to name a few. Dawnbreaker will team with two subcontractors Grunwald Associates and Icumetrics to deliver these services to the Department of Labor.


One of Dawnbreaker’s most popular and largely viewed resources, the Defense Portal, has recently been updated. Also referred to as the Phase III Transition Portal, this resource is designed to provide information of value to those seeking Phase III funding from the Department of the Navy. In this portal, we focus on a limited domain of topics which frequently arise in discussions regarding transition to Phase III. Whether you want to educate yourself on the lengthy list of acquisition programs with the DoD, or polish up on SBIR data rights issues, Dawnbreaker’s Defense Portal is your one-stop resource for everything Phase III. We hope you enjoy the new content! View the Defense Portal now at:

To learn more about the DOE Phase 0 program , view the eligibility criteria.


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