As part of our commitment to the SBIR community, Dawnbreaker creates tools that we hope will be useful to others. These resources include industry portals, publications and databases. For those working with the Department of the Navy, the Phase III Portal provides useful definitions, organizational charts, reports, and answers to questions regarding SBIR data right. The State Resources page is designed for those just getting started with the SBIR/STTR programs and provides insight into where you can turn locally for assistance.

The Portals are web-based and provide useful information regarding energy, defense, medicine, and space. Each portal has a current news feed and contains information that our market research team has compiled and made available in an easily accessible format.

The State Resources page enables small businesses to locate organizations anywhere in the US that provide assistance to small businesses developing advanced technologies with a particular emphasis on Phase III. To make contact easy, the information is hyperlinked to the original state resource.

Dawnbreaker provides hundreds of Webinars every year within our agency programs. In 2019 we are pleased to make many of our finest webinars freely available to anyone who would like to learn about these topics.

“Your flexibility has proved invaluable as our technologies tend to be very esoteric, with no simple way of delineating market size as well as other key metrics. Your research capabilities coupled with your technical expertise have significantly helped us with our business planning process.”


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