About Us

About Us

For nearly 30 years, Dawnbreaker® has expanded its core competencies to enhance the value of the services we bring to our Federal Agency customers and private clients. What is unique about Dawnbreaker® is not only our focus on advanced technologies and federal funding, but the diversity of commercial and military technologies with which we have worked.

We conduct market research on over a thousand technologies a year in fields as diverse as quantum dots, isotope separators, solar water heaters, trauma induced coagulopathy and crack nucleation. Our business coaches work with companies that are applying for their first Small Business Innovation Research award as well as successful graduates of the SBIR program that need a manufacturing assessment to help them in scale up.

Dawnbreaker® has unrivaled institutional memory enabling our customers to have consistent high quality service providers that will work with them as they grow and change.

One of our differentiators is our own ability to evolve and transform our core competencies into novel services that work within the time and budget constraints of our customers. Explore the description of our core competencies and the discussions of how these abilities may be used to help further your organization’s objectives.

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