Contract Numbers:  N00178-14-D-7688
Award Date:  November 19, 2013
FSC Group:  874
Functional Areas

3.1 Research and Development Support
3.12 Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology Support (IT)
3.18.2 Professional Development and Training Support
3.20 Program Support
3.21.1 Clerical and Administrative Support
3.21.2 Analytical and Organizational Support
3.22 Public Affairs and Multimedia Support


In order to effectively integrate professional support services within and across diverse organizations such as those encompassed by the Navy Virtual SYSCOM, requires a working knowledge of the organizations being serviced and a sound approach to achieving quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Delivery of quality products, services and ensuring customer satisfaction with those products and services is a central tenet of the Dawnbreaker management approach. Our approach to ensure the quality of the services we provide the Navy Virtual SYSCOM has three key components:

  • A sound understanding of Task Order requirements, which we see as the most important aspect of successful quality assurance. Our proposed project managers have the experience gained in our current Navy and Federal Programs to understand each of the Navy SYSCOMS business operations and the experience to adapt, manage, lead and meet task requirements.
  • Competence of our personnel, both professional and personal competence. Dawnbreaker will provide people who have personal integrity, a strong work ethic, and are motivated, team players. All our staff members are qualified with the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to perform in an outstanding manner. All degree requirements will be met or exceeded. Our project managers will observe daily performance of our team members and take any corrective action they deem necessary to ensure quality of service to our customers. Dawnbreaker has extensive experience managing complex programs. In a typical Navy TAP, the program manager (Dr. Jenny Servo) manages the work of 14 portfolio managers and 7 market researchers working with over 200 SBIR firms. In addition, with the assistance of a support team, graphics and Outreach department we conduct three events, the last of which had over 1,300 attendees. As part of the TAP we meet quarterly with the SBIR Program Managers for the SYSCOMS, produce a quarterly newsletter and manage 4 subcontractors.
  • A clear methodology for project-level quality assurance. We will follow a clear methodology for ensuring the quality of the products and services we deliver to our clients in this effort. For each task, we will assign front-line responsibility for quality assurance to our project managers and develop a project-specific Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).

Dawnbreaker will utilize a Quality Assurance (QA) approach which will ensure that all SeaPort efforts are meeting customer objectives and are efficiently executed to plan and budget. The company President, Dr. Jenny Servo, Ph.D. is the company’s Quality Assurance Officer. The QA process proposed for this effort is currently in use on existing programs. As a minimum, a QAP will be developed by the project manager and will include periodic formal program reviews between the company President and the respective Dawnbreaker project manager. In the case of our remote project managers, the company President conducts weekly status updates via phone conference. In addition, formal status reports are provided to customers on progress, deficiencies and recommended process improvements, as required. Finally, at the conclusion of significant program events or milestones, a post event/milestone evaluation is conducted to capture lessons learned and to initiate process improvements going forward.


  • BRTRC Federal Solutions
  • SC&A Inc.
  • REI Systems, Inc.
  • Energy Resources Group, Inc.
  • VSE Corporation
  • Bales Consulting Group, LLC
  • Porter Scientific, Inc.