Each Dawnbreaker® portal provides freely given and professionally researched information. These portals are organized around subject areas in which Dawnbreaker® has content expertise: Defense, Energy, Medical, and Space. The collection of portals is designed to provide the user with an understanding of when new technologies are needed, how the government funds research in these areas and other information that is unique to that area of expertise.

The Defense Portal is designed to provide information of value to those seeking Phase III funding from the Department of the Navy. We have selected a limited domain of topics which frequently arise in discussions regarding transition to Phase III: Phase III Definitions, OPNAV Resources Sponsors, US Marine Corps, Resources and Reports, SBIR Data Rights.

Our Energy Portal is dedicated to alternative energy solutions and contains a Newsfeed, a description of alternative energy sources and US infrastructure projects, upcoming conferences, and reports on climate change and initiatives in other parts of the world aimed at having a positive impact on the environment.

The Medical Portal is provided as a service to those developing and improving drugs, biologics and medical devices. Much of the portal content is built around the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory processes that must be followed to gain marketing approval. Understanding and meeting these regulatory requirements significantly enhances the likelihood of successful product development. This site contains several sections including the newsfeed to the right, descriptions of relevant FDA centers, FDA’s position on biotechnology and overviews on drugs, biologics, medical devices and veterinary products. topics.

And finally, our Space Portal provides information on changes in the NASA organization, the NASA budget, Funding, Commercial Space, Featured Missions and Past Programs.

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