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Dawnbreaker Unveils its 2020 Updates to the Defense, Energy, Medical and Space Portals

ROCHESTER, NY (November 25, 2020) – How does a great market research team give thanks?… by freely sharing information. Recognized for the hundreds of reports it prepares annually, this proficient and highly skilled team has just completed its 2020 update of Dawnbreaker’s Defense, Energy, Medical and Space portals. Each portal is chocked full of information selected for high tech small businesses seeking information related to Federal initiatives within these sectors.

Dawnbreaker’s popular Defense Portal is newly updated and designed to provide information for those seeking Phase III funding from the Department of the Navy. A limited domain of topics which frequently arise when discussing Phase III has been selected. Here you will find up-to-date information for individuals and organizations including the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), OPNAV Resource Sponsors, ASN(RDA), United States Marine Corps, as well as Resources and Reports.

The Energy Portal focuses on alternative energy. Up-to-date information is readily available regarding technology gaps, roadmaps, legislation, current projects, advantages and disadvantages for the alternative energy sources which will define our future. Lists of Trade Shows and Conferences extending into 2021 is also available, as well as Climate Change and Foreign Energy Reports.

The Medical Portal is built around the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory processes. Highlighted are descriptions of relevant FDA centers, as well as information on vaccines, blood and biologics, biotechnology, medical devices and veterinary products.

The fourth in this series, the Space Portal highlights NASA’s activities, beginning with an overview of the FY 2021 Budget Request and the NASA organization. Additional sections are dedicated to technology development, commercial space, partnership development, current opportunities and featured missions.

Take a moment to explore the Dawnbreaker portals and refer back to them in the future when you need key information regarding federal initiatives in these sectors.