• Market Snapshot: Indoor & Urban Gardening

    City and suburban agriculture takes on many different forms — backyard, roof-top and balcony gardening, community gardening in vacant lots and parks, roadside urban fringe agriculture, and livestock grazing in open space. The three most common umbrella categories in this space include urban, indoor, and vertical farming. In Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Future … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Indoor & Urban Gardening"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Small Satellites

    What’s new in space? Over the past decade the small satellite (SmallSat) industry has made great strides with new constellations of 1000+ satellites being proposed. Governments are taking a new look at small satellites, after the platforms were embraced by commercial customers for their flexibility, speed of development, resiliency, low cost, and the ability of … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Small Satellites"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Water & Wastewater Treatment

    While we may have all learned about the water cycle in elementary school, the water that comes out of your tap follows a much more complex process. Wastewater includes used water or sewerage water from households and industries that are then treated for reuse or for discharging it into the environment. MarketsandMarkets reports that the … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Water & Wastewater Treatment"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Electron Microscopy

    Did you know that Galileo Galilei perfected the first device known as a microscope in 1609? Today, microscopes enable researchers to conduct in-depth academic and exploratory research using increasingly complex methods and technologies. With the interest in life science areas such as nanoscience, pharmacology, and toxicology growing at a rapid pace, the need for advanced … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Electron Microscopy"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Precision Agriculture

    Agriculture, in its most general sense, is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock and is credited with shifting civilization from hunter gatherers to permanent settlements. Today, the agricultural landscape is increasingly complex as society looks for new, more efficient, and environmentally sound ways to address the water-food-energy nexus. The USDA reports that … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Precision Agriculture"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Remote Patient Monitoring

    The field of telehealth is increasingly used by practitioners and patients to address acute or long-term medical concerns. Within this broader field, remote patient monitoring allows patients to use mobile medical devices and technology to gather patient-generated health data (PGHD) and send it to healthcare professionals. These tools are applicable to a variety of conditions … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Remote Patient Monitoring"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Aircraft Composites

    Composites have been used in the aerospace industry for decades and are prized for their exceptional strength and light weight. As the percentage of aircraft bodies using these materials increases, so does the need for improved techniques and properties for their durability and maintenance. While there is considerable focus placed on the use of composites … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Aircraft Composites"Read more now ➞

Technology Transfer

  • Has your organization’s Invention Machine stalled?

    Background vector created by – Unhappy with the lack of inventions coming out of your R&D expenditures?  What to do next can be a complex issue.  Depending on the importance of inventions driving current and future business, re-starting the Invention Machine can be table stakes for many organizations and or careers. Re-starting the … Continue reading "Has your organization’s Invention Machine stalled?"Read more now ➞
  • Government Accountability Office Reports on the Need for Additional Actions to Improve the Out-Licensing Processes for Federal Laboratory Patents

    Background: Multiple laws and regulations have directed federal agencies and laboratories to encourage commercial use of their inventions through many channels, including out-licensing patents to private sector companies that aim to commercialize products or services developed from the patented technology.[1]  However,  a 2013 Office of Science and Technology Policy report raised concerns that only a … Continue reading "Government Accountability Office Reports on the Need for Additional Actions to Improve the Out-Licensing Processes for Federal Laboratory Patents"Read more now ➞

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