• Market Snapshot: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    As recently as a decade or two ago, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a part of our everyday lives seemed like a bit of a stretch to the average person, however, today many of us use it to accomplish everyday tasks. Whether its Siri answering your questions, Netflix recommending what to watch, or … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Artificial Intelligence (AI)"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Smart Grid Technology

    When we think about next generation technology and innovation many of us think about advances in computing, medical devices, miniaturization of electronics, and more, but what is truly powering that innovation? While the power and electric grid has changed over time, many energy experts believe that the grid was not designed for today’s requirements and … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Smart Grid Technology"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Coatings & Corrosion Inhibitors

    The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) was established in 1943 by eleven corrosion engineers from the pipeline industry, and now serves nearly 36,000 members in over 130 countries. In its comprehensive 2016 “International Measures of Prevention, Application and Economics of Corrosion Technology (IMPACT)“ study, NACE estimates the global cost of corrosion to be $2.5 … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Coatings & Corrosion Inhibitors"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Point-of-Care Testing

    The effective management and control of infectious diseases presents a critical challenge for healthcare workers and officials across the globe. Fortunately, advances in the development and adoption of point-of-care testing (POCT) solutions may provide solutions to this challenge by quickly identify infectious diseases and providing actionable information to improve disease management. What sets these tests … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Point-of-Care Testing"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Radiation Monitoring & Detection

    What do earthquakes in Japan, cancer diagnostics, and arms security have to do with each other? Radiation monitoring and detection devices are part of an evolving social, political, and technological landscape related to shifts within the energy, medical, defense, and security verticals. The breadth of these verticals presents interesting challenges and opportunities when looking for … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Radiation Monitoring & Detection"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Smart Cities

    How smart is your city? While this may seem like a subjective question, it is now a question that may be answered on a global scale. Increasing urbanization has given rise to smart cities, which are cities that utilize Internet of Things (IOT) sensors and technology to connect components across a city to gather data … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Smart Cities"Read more now ➞
  • Market Snapshot: Growth Trends in Plastics Development and Recycling

    The tagline, “plastics make it possible,” has been commonplace for years. However, recently, the environmental impact of these products has begun to garner negative attention. Despite being commonly defined as one material, there are many different types of plastics, each with different properties and uses. These are typically divided into four main categories: thermoplastics, thermosets, … Continue reading "Market Snapshot: Growth Trends in Plastics Development and Recycling"Read more now ➞

Technology Transfer

  • Has your organization’s Invention Machine stalled?

    Background vector created by – Unhappy with the lack of inventions coming out of your R&D expenditures?  What to do next can be a complex issue.  Depending on the importance of inventions driving current and future business, re-starting the Invention Machine can be table stakes for many organizations and or careers. Re-starting the … Continue reading "Has your organization’s Invention Machine stalled?"Read more now ➞
  • Government Accountability Office Reports on the Need for Additional Actions to Improve the Out-Licensing Processes for Federal Laboratory Patents

    Background: Multiple laws and regulations have directed federal agencies and laboratories to encourage commercial use of their inventions through many channels, including out-licensing patents to private sector companies that aim to commercialize products or services developed from the patented technology.[1]  However,  a 2013 Office of Science and Technology Policy report raised concerns that only a … Continue reading "Government Accountability Office Reports on the Need for Additional Actions to Improve the Out-Licensing Processes for Federal Laboratory Patents"Read more now ➞

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