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Mission Statement

Dawnbreaker is a professional services firm providing commercialization assistance to advanced technology firms and their investors. Dawnbreaker specializes in business planning, market research and valuation in the commercial sector and transition planning within DoD using a unique blend of individualized mentoring, training seminars, and/or consulting. Two distinguishing features characterize Dawnbreaker’s work. First, is the emphasis on measurable results. Second, is to use an approach that helps grow our client’s business. Fifty percent of Dawnbreaker’s clients receive private sector financing within 18 months after developing business plans with our assistance. Sixty percent of the DoD participants receive Phase III funding within 20 months of program completion. Since 1990 we have worked with over 4,458 SBIR, STTR, and ATP funded projects and have received consistent and positive praise for our work. The combined sales and investment in the firms we have assisted total in excess of two billion dollars.

Company Overview

There is a clear value for agencies, states, small and large businesses to work with a service company with a rich history of success and depth. In the case of Dawnbreaker, our depth is in understanding the intent, method, and objectives of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. From having worked within large corporations and within small businesses, our staff understands the perspective and financial imperatives of both. We are therefore, uniquely well prepared to assist companies to plan and succeed in transitioning to Phase III (Commercial phase). Our track record which includes a 60 to 1 return on investment in our services, demonstrates this.

Dawnbreaker is a Delaware C-Corporation, with its headquarters in Rochester, NY. Although based in Rochester, our accounting and legal support are located in the Washington DC area. The accounting firm that we use to assure full compliance with all government accounting procedures is Rubino and McGeehin, based in Bethesda, MD. Our corporate counsel is David Metzger of Arnold & Porter, based in Tysons Corner, VA. The company has grown to our current level of 60 employees. We have been able to successfully grow, while maintaining the highest level of service to our customers and clients.

Dawnbreaker specializes in providing commercialization assistance to small advanced technology firms and their investors. Since 1990 we have worked with over 3,400 firms that have received funding from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, the Advanced Technology Program (ATP), and others.

Based on the experience of working with Eastman Kodak's intrapreneurship program in the mid-80's, Dr. Servo developed a method for effecting substantive change in technology entrepreneurs through their involvement in a highly interactive business planning process. A text written by Dr. Servo entitled Business Planning for Scientists and Engineers (4th edition) provides the structure for systematically addressing issues that must be addressed in order to facilitate successful commercialization. Participating firms are assigned to an experienced "portfolio manager" who acts as their guide and mentor throughout the process. All portfolio managers have had "profit and loss" experience and therefore understand the financial demands felt by an entrepreneur and their investors.

As the Small Business Innovation Research community has evolved, additional services have been required to meet the dynamic needs of the Federal government. In response to these changes, Dawnbreaker has developed four models referred to as educational, information, hybrid, and acceleration models. Use of these models enables us to meet the objectives of Federal agencies while staying within the funding guidelines provided. Irrespective of the model used, our goal is always to create measurable success for our clients.

The success of our services is reflected in the percentage of companies that receive investment and/or increased sales within 12-18 month of a programs' culminating Forum. To date over one billion dollars has been secured by participating firms. Please see the success section for more details.